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Clear Cafe Is a Software Combined With Trained Client Services Reps in 1

Overwhelmed in your email box?
Want a software that can share this burden with your team?
Need an experienced, dedicated email expert to support you?


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Clear Cafe offers:

Software to Manage Your Email Box With Multiple Users

Stop hacking customer service emails with Gmail and labels. Clear Cafe uses a software where each of your team members gets a unique login so you can assign emails, leave notes, tags, and more.

Trained Email Support Specialists to Back You Up

Depending on your service package, Clear Cafe’s own team of email client service professionals can assist you with your inbound email. From sorting and assigning to you, to actually replying on your behalf, our 10+ years of customer service email management is at your disposal.

Intensive Support and

Stop trying to install your own software and build and train your own customer support reps. Leverage Clear Cafe’s existing tech stack, experienced reps, and premium client support to rest assured you get the attention you need, when you need it.

Case Studies and Examples

How do others use Clear Cafe’s solution in their online business?

Case 1: Online Media Company

This growing online news and local website has an overwhelming amount of inbound email. Their team is more skilled on sales and business development and doesn’t have time to find and manage an inbound email CSR.

Using Clear Cafe’s tech stack and trained professionals for sorting package - they can rest assured this is happening regularly throughout the day:

New inbound emails are being checked and assigned to the right company rep. Spam, ads, and other unnecessary emails are discarded and not distracted from their sales and BD team. They only see emails that are valuable and need their attention.

The client’s team logs in to their Clear Cafe online mailbox and checks the emails the Clear Cafe pro CSR has assigned them. They can readily reply, re-assign to others on the team, or even assign back to the Clear Cafe CSR with feedback or tasks for them to do.

Clear Cafe is regularly checking these inbound emails, and if one is extremely urgent and is instructed. Clean Cafe Reps can reach out to the client by phone or text.

Case 2: Ecommerce Company With
Global Needs

A new ecommerce company launched and had many emails coming in from various timezones. They were using a shared webmail solution from their host and often lost track of which email was meant for each team member. On top of this, they had global interest on their product and customers emailed them in Asia, and Europe time while the US based team was off work.

Using Clear Cafe’s tech stacking full service trained professionals for replying package, they can rest assured this is the daily workflow:

Their team each has their own username and can see which email is assigned to which of their team.

The Clear Cafe reps are checking new inbound unassigned emails and helping sort which is most important and to assign to the right team member.

On top of simply sorting and assigning, the Clear Cafe trained CSR is able to reply on behalf of the ecommerce company client about messages they are able to. Common FAQs, order tracking, and other processes that are approved and outlined by the client are immediately replied and not requiring client involvement at all.

Clients stress level has dropped dramatically. Now their team can login to their own dedicated email box for the shared customer support, assign, note, tag - and also have a super-powered Clear Cafe trained CSR rep to back them up. The email response time is less than a business day, and customers are happy.

Ready to Get Started with Clear Cafe’s Email Solution?

We are selectively approving new clients for our service, and here are some plans we tailor based on your requirements

Package 1:
Software Only
Just looking to use a shared email system for your team and don’t need our trained reps? Our pleasure, we can help setup your own mailbox with users.
Package 2:
Software + Inbound Email Sorting

Need a little help with the overwhelming inbound emails, but not comfortable to have our team reply on your behalf? This is a great solution to filter out the spam and ads, but have you and your own team reply to the important stuff.

Package 3:
Software + Email Support

Want to have the full combo of software, sorting, and our team replying when we can? This is our time to really offload some of you and your team’s burden by having the inbound emails sorted, and not just assigned to you - but also replied! We will work with you on email scripts and SOPs to get things rolling and optimized.

Ready To Supercharge Your Support Email?

Clear Cafe is looking for the right partners. You’re not just a client, you’re a partner
and we are looking for long term and win-win solutions to support your company’s growth.

Clear Cafe is looking for the right partners. You’re not just a client, you’re a partner
and we are looking for long term and win-win solutions to support your company’s growth.