Pressure in Prelim exam

Most of us having that pressure for coming prelim,.. but most of us also gets calm whenever we knew it’s just easy when you study hard the lessons,.. yeah the pressure comes out in me but then it was just a feeling the more important is your focused especially to me i have to maintain […]

My First Week In School….

I was very happy in my first week of school. I feel lucky and special coz I have my inspiration why I’m there. I’d still thinking about my schedules that I don’t want to have a conflict in my work which is the root of everything why I’m happy and lucky.. this is my first […]

Launching our new net cafe in Metro Manila

Finally the waiting is about to happen! We are excited after years of the “cyber cafe” name and dream, we will soon be opening up in Metro Manila, Philippines! We’re working on ways to improve more on it! So let us witness the opening of Clear Cafe soon!

Window to the World

This is a great place to meet, have a coffee, surf the internet.